Prof. Anne-Lise Giraud and Dr. Pierre Mégevand to Present at International Brain Awareness Week

Geneva, Switzerland – BrainCom members Professor Anne-Lise Giraud and Dr. Pierre Mégevand are set to speak at the 2020 Semaine du Cerveau (International Brain Awareness Week) the evening of Wednesday, 18 March.

Their presentation, entitled Réparer le Langage par la Technologie (Repairing Language Through Technology) will explore the current technological advances that make it possible to envisage improving and repairing certain language disorders such as dyslexia and aphasia.

Semaine du Cerveau
This year, the Semaine du Cerveau will be 16-20 March 2020. The theme selected by the University Geneva will be Les Machines et Nous (The Machines and Us).

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Prof. Giraud
Dr. Megevand