BrainCom Partners Publish a Review on Novel Transducers for High-channel-count Neuroelectronic Recording Interfaces

Congratulations to Anton Guimerà-Brunet, Eduard Masvidal-Codina, Jose Cisneros-Fernández, Francesc Serra-Graells and Jose Antonio Garrido for the publication of their review on Novel transducers for high-channel-count neuroelectronic recording interfaces, recently published in Current Opinion in Biotechnology (2021).

This review provides an overview of state-of-the-art neuroelectronic technologies, with emphasis on recording site architectures which enable the implementation of addressable arrays for high-channel-count neural interfaces. As further demonstrated in BrainCom, active transduction mechanisms are gaining importance fueled by novel materials, as they facilitate the implementation of high density addressable arrays.

Read the entire paper at: