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Prof. George Malliaras et. al. published a review article on “Organic electrochemical transistors”

The group of Prof. George Malliaras has recently published a review article entitled “Organic electrochemical transistors” on Nature Reviews Materials. In this article, the physics and the mechanism of operation of organic electrochemical transistors (OECTs) are discussed focusing on their identifying characteristics. Organic materials that are currently being used in OECTs are identified and the

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Prof. Blaise Yvert et. al. published an article on the “Key considerations in designing a speech brain-computer interface”

The group of Prof. Blaise Yvert published recently a paper entitled “Key considerations in designing a speech brain-computer interface”. This article addresses the main design challenges to achieve a continuous decoding of neural signals underlying speech imagination. There are three key choices that have to be made for a proper design: the choice of appropriate brain

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