Braincom Celebrates 2021 European Researchers’ Night on Sept 24th

The ICN2 participated in a larger event organized at the Cosmocaixa Science interactive Museum in Barcelona to celebrate the European Researchers’ night. Along with other institutions as the ICMAB, the CRAG, and the IBEC, the ICN2 had a stand to discuss with attendees about nanoscience and nanotechnology, the education program Nanoeduca and the European project Braincom.

Side by side with Dr Amador Pérez Tomás, WP7 leader of Braincom, we launched the virtual reality experience of the European project BrainCom, led by ICREA Prof. José Antonio Garrido. It is a new way of communicating science to society, in an immersive and attractive format, that was the star of the fair. Participants of all ages got to know the laboratories and the people behind the technology of brain-computer interfaces in a 360º experience. This project was led by the communication team, mainly by Àlex Argemí, Head, and Joana Pi-Suñer, Communication Officer, and will be presented to ICN2 members and society very soon… Stay tuned!

The following video captures the ambiance and environment of the event at CosmoCaixa: